Greg Carbin (SPC)

     Development of original scripts (1999-2000) to collect and loop meteorological data,
     objective upper air analyses, recent web page upgrades.

   Corey Mead (SPC)

     Upgrades to webpage php code and scripts for archving events.

   Chris Melick (SPC)

     Recent web upgrades and script maintenance and development. Climatology of archived events.

   Charlie Crisp (NSSL, Retired)

     Orignal web page design, content, structure, and maintenance.

   Jack Hales (SPC, Retired)

     Event selection and web page maintenance.

   Paul Janish (Former SPC Employee)

     Original web page design and content.

   Andrew Just (Former SPC Employee)

     Original development of data processing scripts for SPC outlooks, mesoscale discussions, and Watches.

   John Hart (SPC)

     Code for creation of upper air (Skew-T) plots.

   SPC Staff (SPC)

     Input for event selection.

   Joan O'Bannon (NSSL)

     Assisted in formating original image for the Severe Thunderstorm Events front page.